What is Holistic Wellness and how do I “be” that?

When I visualize the energy of Holistic Wellness … I see a wheel shape.  For the wheel to be supported there must be a framework in place.  The many aspects of our lives comprise the structure of the wheel … … Continue reading

What is Holistic Wellness and how do we live it?

Holistic wellness to me is about creating balance in all areas of life including nutrition, fitness, spirituality, relationships, career and home environment. When we feel balanced in each of these areas, we are truly happy and healthy! We get there … Continue reading

What is holistic wellness and how do we obtain it?

To be whole means to no longer be fragmented.  Fragmentation occurs in many ways – trauma, loss, illness and suppression of self.  It may be no surprise to consider that we all are wounded to varying degrees.  The western model … Continue reading

Yoga: the Path of Holistic Wellness

What is Yoga? Contrary to what many folks believe, yoga is not about turning yourself into a pretzel (although that can be fun, eventually), or sweating buckets in a 100 degree room (although some modern yoga styles do use a … Continue reading

What is Holistic Wellness and How Do We Achieve It??

Holistic wellness addresses the whole person with the goal of fully integrating all aspects of ourselves–physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Our current western system of medicine practices disease management, always searching for a cure for an illness.  In contrast, holistic … Continue reading