It’s been a while since I’ve sent out a newsletter to all of you, and I felt a need to re-connect.  It’s been such a painful time lately, with all the hurricanes, fires, devastation and now Las Vegas; I wish I had some new, incredible words of wisdom to say, but I think it’s all been said…and at the same time, nothing said could convey what we all feel right now – stunned, overwhelmed, fight or flight system kicked into high gear.  So maybe it’s a good time to step aside for a moment and take a mini break…well, why don’t we take a little sailing trip?

I haven’t written much about my time spent on Mother Ocean, the storms, the people I met, the islands visited and even the reason I set sail to begin with.  So in the next couple of newsletters, I thought I’d share with you some of the adventures and journeys of that time of my life.  But let’s begin with why…why would a young woman who owned a successful restaurant in Flagstaff, Arizona want to toss it all away for a life at sea anyway?

It was a strange time in my life, so many ups and downs, so many cognizant spiritual awakenings, and way too much drama – it was inevitable that change had come.  I had been to Santa Barbara to finish a training, had an amazing encounter with 3 inter- dimensional beings on the beach, and afterwards while sitting alone staring out to sea, I just knew it was time to go.  I had to live on the ocean for a while, feel that water energy surround me and sleep in Her constantly moving, ever changing arms.  Decision made, I went home and put the restaurant up for sale.  Decision doubted, I figured a husband who wanted to go too, might be a really good idea for someone who knew nothing about sailing.  Altho that turned out to be a disaster, I believe it was a necessary step to understanding my relationship issues and to my eventual single-handing solo trips.

The decision to totally unplug from the world brings oodles of phenomena – in my case life changing.  It was quite different from unplugging through meditation, I suppose because of the time and presence involved; choosing to  live for an extended amount of time on the vast emotional world of water, you actually encounter another dimension of Earth herself.  Add to that the lack of any input whatsoever from the everyday reality we live in – news, t.v., phones, computers, family, work – and you have the recipe for miracles.  Your senses turn on in full technicolor and the veils between dimensions start to disintegrate.

The first 5 years with Wayne were truly extraordinary, beginning with the night we actually sailed away and dropped our first anchor in the Bahamas – I promptly threw up all over the dock.  I was sick the whole next day – my first real day away from it all.  But it was all uphill from there!

For all of us, there are 3 points of entry to the world behind the veils – sunset, nighttime, and dawn – these are the ‘in-between’ times, the magic times; the difference is that on the ocean, you can’t get away from them!  The nighttime waters follow their own rules, speaking in the language of the dark womb; you feel like a stranger, an intruder, altho your boat seems to understand this language, joyfully slicing through each wave, humming along with the eerie silence.

The dawn appears slowly as a mystical doorway would, bringing light, shadows, inspiration and form; then comes the sunset, magical and sometimes mythic; another extraordinary doorway into the womb time.  Every day is different, sometimes you share it with dolphins, sometimes there is nothing other than you and the Mother and you begin to feel very small and yet vital in Her World.

I was never destined to become a world-wide sailor, I know that now.  For me, there was another reason for being out there, one I would never have thought of in a thousand days of normal reality – it was about the return of an ancient wisdom that bubbled up and spewed all over my mind and body from where I do not know.  What I do know is that it never would have had a chance to return in the busy, loud world most of us reside in all our life.  I met the Divine Feminine face to face and learned her voice, her thoughts, communicated with her water creatures, understood how she views our world, our justice; and I met her storms, her violence, and was handed quite a shocking revelation about our – humanity’s – place on Mother Earth.  I learned so much from Her, that it has changed my view of our world…and for that I am forever grateful….I’d love to share some with you.

Next letter I’d like to take you to a little island called Marakei, on the island nation of Kiribati; and I’ll introduce you to the 4 Matriarchs who have, for as long as the people have been there, protected Marakei.  I think you’ll like it.

Until then, blessings to you all.  Keep safe, keep well, and keep hope!

Love, Kathleen

Newsletter 2017, #5


Newsletter 2017, # 4

Your Passion, Sensuality, good old fashion-knee-buckling Desires.  Your Sexuality.   Have you given it all up for Spirituality?  Frightening thought, isn’t it?

I was reading a book the other day, written in a Shamanic Journey form
and a particular passage caught my body, soul and mind:Loose your Ecstasy and you loose your Power.

I couldn’t think of a more meaningful message for me and for our sexy season which is Solstice of course.  So many of us still carry our first ever, naive spiritual intentions, be they from our beginning New Age path, or from childhood religious teachings, or just some early well meaning, but deeply flawed mentor/teacher/parent – the idea that we must give up something (usually related to the earthly realm and her delights) in order to be worthy of our heavenly father-spiritual goals.  If it is at all possible, I mean to smash thru this illusion with every arm and armor of Kali herself, right now, right here.To begin with, I know of nothing, be it of this reality or some 10th-plane reality, that is more spiritual than Mother Earth.  If you really wish to learn how to live in complete service and harmony, just watch her.   Every act she does, from nurturing the whole, feeding, supporting and providing to all; to lifting the hearts and souls of all by bringing inspiration, balance and beauty, she does with passion; she is the epitome of what it means to live in true service and yet still be fiercely proud, noble and sensual!  She is true to herself, and by being so, she is true to all of us. Unless you are bent on isolation as a spiritual path, I cannot think of any way to live or be more spiritual.

Sensuality?  If you are as lucky as I was to have lived in the islands for many years, then you too know of the sensual, usually quite large, island women who purposely sway in full rhythm with the coconut trees.  As a daughter of Mother Earth, I learned a lot about the natural sensuality we women carry in our bodies and souls.  And I learned, as I hope you have as well, how to see through the illusion of Hollywood’s fake sensual world – too many heavy coconuts hanging from the tree only forces it to bend and break in the wind!   Swing your hips, ladies; I hear it can prevent hip surgery!

We are born from the same magical merger of spirit and stuff as Earth is (and all the many planets and star systems we were originally from)!  Our own personal passions, desires and ecstasy lives inside us with the same need to grow, blossom and burst into living technicolor as Earth does year after year…and there is a reason for that need to blossom! That passion, that fierce drive you hold is trying to point you towards the path of your greatest joy and fulfillment.  We have been tasked with the job of bringing our passion(s) to Earth, for that passion is the gift we were meant to give to all.   And it is our medicine.  So give up a bad habit if you want, or an abusive situation, but never let go of your passion!  I’d like to congratulate all of you who had the guts to follow some crazy dream or radical idea that kept you up at night.

So if you feel a little powerless right now, don’t bother wasting time surrendering to the all powerful Oz, or searching for something to blame it on…search instead for your passion, your ecstasy.  It’s a key.  It’s a clue.  It’s a solution!  But most of all, it’s your power!

Did you loose it?  Run!  Right now….out the door…go…get after it, Shoo!  Get out of here!


Speaking From The Center 2017, # 3 Spring really is here! And even tho I’m still running my heater daily (and even nightly at times) I can hear spring in the robins and woodpeckers, see the beginning of buds on my roses, and feel it in my heart.  It just seems as tho it has taken so so long this year! Traditionally, now is the time to start sowing seeds for food, flowers and new growth.  This e-mail is about a seed of new growth I’d like your help in sowing – our Women’s Group, The Wiley Wise Women!

Dvorah Carrasco and I have pulled our thoughts and hearts together and come up with something we’d like to toss your way.  While anyone would be welcome to join, we would primarily be targeting The Sacred Crone – that part of us that has entered into our wise years and has either found a way to express this time of wisdom (we need you!) or is looking to find a way, enhance it, or simply to understand fully what that is (well now, that certainly is a complicated sentence).

Traditionally this would include anyone over the age of 40.  But like I said, you are welcome to come either way; wisdom certainly finds its home at any age!

We’d like to begin our meetings with ritual, then share our stories.  We intend to uncover the issues that are facing each of us and share our wisdom about them; celebrate our accomplishments and ask each other what we’d like to accomplish now.

Dvorah will be using her skills from many workshops to give us tools to deal with the issues we face daily and we hope that each of you will share your skills and knowledge with all – isn’t that what we’re all about- passing on our wisdom?

We are thinking of having these meetings on the 1st Sunday of the month, following our Crystal Singing Bowl meditations and also have a pot luck sharing with it.

So, dear ones, what I’d like from you is to know how many of you would be interested in this Woman’s Group, would you commit to at least one meeting a month, does this time work for you, and if not, what would?  Are there any other items of interest you’d like to see in your Woman’s Group?  So many of you have mentioned that you’d like to be a part of a woman’s group, so please let me know if you are still interested…our forming one would, obviously, depend greatly on whether or not we have your participation.  I hope we do, I miss gathering with women and being a part of the incredible energy we give each other!

Can’t wait to hear from you all, just hit reply and start typing!


Speaking from The Center 2017 # 2

Happy Almost Spring to you all!  Just want to say hi and let you know that  I’ve decided to come out of the closet and start doing the Tarot Readings myself since I’m here most of the time!  So if you want a reading, just let me know.  Since I may be with a client, or out to get the mail, it’s better to call me first and we’ll set up a time.

The other thing I want to do is introduce you to another healing modality that I have fallen in love with and will be offering @ The Center.  First some background on why I chose to do this:

When I first wrote our mission statement, which included these words: “….that all of humanity was originally blessed with a natural desire towards harmony, an instinctive sense of service to the whole, and a deep connection to ourselves, our bodies, Earth and all life around us.  It is when our connection is severed and our natural instincts thwarted (sometimes through societal pressures, contrary beliefs, fear or anger) that we go out of balance and become ill–physically, emotionally & spiritually.” I wrote it as a statement of intention to be a part of whatever it took to help people reconnect with their individual original blessings.

I still want that today!  So imagine my joy when finding Soul Realignment, a healing method which revolves around that premise – that each of us has our own unique soul blueprint but through lifetimes of adverse acts and choices, we have lost sight of, or become disconnected with our soul-self, our gifts, talents and wisdom – resulting in many patterns of dysfunction, fear, pain, loss or illness this lifetime.

Soul Realignment, which uses the Akashik Records to locate your soul data and the lifetimes of trapped or karmic energy, allows us to regain full connection to our soul blueprint, release the negative energies and fully align with our highest personal power.  Our blueprint holds enormous gifts – the key to our personal power, creativity, prosperity, purpose – and if we had access to all of it, we would be living the life most dear to us!

There are 6 different types of readings: the Basic Overview of adverse lifetimes, Specific Present Life situations, Relationship Readings (including partners/ parent/child/sibling), Spirit Guides, Chakra analysis and Property alignment.  If you think this  healing work would be beneficial to you, call me for more information or come by for a brochure.  I love this work, I can’t imagine anything I’d rather do for you all!

Until the next time I see you, be well, happy, prosperous and most of all – may you be swamped with grace!


Speaking From The Center – 2017, #1 Fiction/Fantasy

I have a confession to make; I am hopelessly in love with Fantasy Novels! Everything from DeLint to Marillier, Julian May to Goodkind, Windling to Hoffman, they are my favorite go-to books for an uplifting, heartwarming read. Strangely enough,  I have learned so much from these authors and their characters – all the sages, witches, wise women, shamans, healers and their metaphysical & spiritual wisdom – that I’m convinced we are fellow travelers on the same path.  I am grateful for every book I’ve ever read!

So when I found myself in tears, blowing my nose while reading the last few pages of a book last Sunday, I wasn’t necessarily surprised but found myself wondering “exactly why am I crying?”  It felt like the right thing to ask.  Eventually all the usual “psyche eval-why’s” came up, like – Oh, you’re just addicted to happy endings – so I decided to go digging a little deeper…there’s got to be more to the story, I felt.

And yes, it did have a lot to do with the endings – that point when all the heroes, heroines and weird looking friends clasp hands; all the winged beings call the old ones from the oceans, the wild ones from the hills and mountains until they all join together in the final battle to defeat the foe; through all the struggles, all the deaths, justice prevails and love wins out!  I just shook my head thinking “geesh, I know all that, but it’s just a story and honestly, I’m not really sure that really was a fairy I saw yesterday.”  I decided to delve just a little further, a little deeper, because I think there is a message in all these happy endings, and all the steps – a great loss, a solemn quest, mentors to meet – that the characters go through on the way from here to there.  Not unlike all of us.    And then, something else popped up…

…we move so quickly from the beginning, through all the frustration, to the ending so quickly in a book; but in our daily lives, we so often loose sight of that blessed ending.  Then I realized that we are the story; we are every second that crawls across the page, every minute stretching out to every lonely hour it took just to write the first draft. We are every comma, every piece of punctuation and every mistake that had to be erased; every beginning and every ending it took to write the story; we are the story! We are living the story!  We were there at the beginning, and we will be there at the finish – whenever that will be.

Every book that comes our way is a beautiful reminder of what we can do, of what we can create. The story is ours to write, ours to imagine, to dream; don’t ever forget that. In fact, remember what the old sage/wise woman says:  It will all work out in the end, and if it hasn’t worked out yet, then it isn’t the end!  So let’s make this year our new chapter, our new beginning.  Let’s all keep imagining, keep dreaming; let’s all keep writing our story!   It’s worth it!

Just a note to let you all know that I’ll be here to give Tarot Readings each day, altho since I may have a client, or out on an errand, its safer if you call and set an appointment!

Hope to see you all soon, and blessings to you all!




Speaking From The Center #6, Solstice

When we think of the Solstice, and the return of the light, we almost always go to the great Standing Stones in England, or in Ireland, or somewhere outside ourselves.  But lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the light that shines through one’s face as they come streaming through the door of a dear friend. Or  the beam that lights up the eyes so brightly when they show up unexpected (like at Thanksgiving, Ms. Sara Nevares).  Have you ever thought of how many ways the winter season enables us to be someone’s light?  So who’s choreographing this show? Remember this when you give a gift, a hug & a kiss, a card or even just a phone call…you may very well  be someone’s Returning Light that brightens their life!  For my part, I want to thank you all for being my special light everytime I see you come through the door!

And speaking of which, I have a beguiling little box of goodies I’d like to raffle away to one of you!  From now until the 20th of December, for every $30 you spend on gifts from The Center, you get to add your name to the raffle bowl.  Our little box will be over $100 in value.

Then, to double my chances of seeing you this month, I’m having an Open House for our  Solstice – New Years Eve Celebration
(whew, what a mouthful) on the 31st.  Let’s start celebrating the light with a short meditation with the Crystal Singing Bowls, sending our New Year intention to the Universe, then just enjoy each other for the rest of the time.  That’s Dec. 31st, 2:30 to 4:30; what a perfect way to begin your New Years Even celebration!  Hope to see you there!

Shine on, my beautiful light beings; shine on!


Speaking From the Center # 5, Broken Hearts/worn out phrases (Election 2016)

Yesterday I was pretty much paralyzed; I couldn’t find the words to speak or even react to any of my friends on facebook, or e-mail.  I didn’t even have the energy for a quick retort when a friend told me to ‘look at the bright side, it will be o.k. ‘  I don’t know about you, but I really, strongly dislike empty phrases; pat, overworked phrases like those, especially in the face of loss and pain.

The only thing I knew for sure was that I had to go deep within and, probably for the first time ever, truly honor my pain, my loss, my grief.  Always before in the face of adversity, I’ve rallied quite quickly, put my big girl pants on and kept on moving.  I now understand what a mistake that was…how deeply integral it is to our highest selves to honor what we are truly feeling.  It took a while for me to quiet the rage, the blame and fear; took a while to get out of the mind and into the body but when I did, the result was similar to a loving force, breaking through the walls and gathering me in healing and peace…a peace I am wishing for every one of you who are feeling such a great loss right now.

We have entered a doorway, both physically and metaphysically…this is the season for change, for endings and letting go.  We are coming into Winter, the time for Mother Bear to beckon us into the cave of solitude and rest.  If you decide to go within with your pain, let her guide you and keep you nourished.  Please move slowly, and give yourself the gift of time and honor how you feel!  You will know when it’s time to walk again with strength and wholeness.

Until then, I’ll leave you with this:  We thought we’d bring change with a simple vote, but we forgot the teachings of Mother Nature.  When the wheel turns, something has to die in order to birth that which is new. As a nation, we’ve stepped into that doorway, physically and metaphysically …and we are now at the threshold of change.  Be prepared, and be well!
Blessings to you all,


Speaking From The Center #4, The Center’d 4th Year

It’s no wonder that I’m writing this newsletter on the Autumn Equinox, that time of year that indicates a perfect balance just before a great change.  The nights will now become dominant, allowing Ms. Moon to take her place of illumination; soon fires will be lit all over the land and dreamers will snuggle against each other to keep warm.  And I will be reflecting on the past three years of blessings as The Center moves into it’s up coming 4th year of service.  Wow, 4 years; The Center isn’t even a teenager yet, and still I feel like one – all giddy with all the “possibles” there are for all of us!

Using symbology, 4’s are always about reflection, creating sacred space and utilizing the quiet to regain or re-purpose one’s strength.  I feel that is certainly what’s in store for The Center this year.  Using numerology, this upcoming year will be a one; that of beginnings; new starts, ideas.  It’s a year to plant and sow the seeds that will have an effect on the next 8 years.  The Center’s and my personalyear is a two; key word patience, just probably my greatest challenge.  But patient I will be this coming year and trusting in the process to unfold in divine right order.

But unfolding in divine right order seems to be a perfect message for me because I had already decided, sometime ago, to invite, ask, seek your input on direction this year!  You are the whole reason The Center is here! To be of service to you and to our beloved planet; to assist in awakening our Divine Authentic Souls, our joy, passion, and the sacred path we all intended to follow.  As everyone of us expresses our own unique Divinity and joy, we automatically affect each other to do the same, bringing forth the highest good of all.  But I need your help to assist with this process.

Soon I will be sending out a survey to find out what workshops you want, what subjects most interest you, how do you feel you can gain the assistance you most need and want.  You cannot imagine the joy you will give me by answering and returning this upcoming survey.  When will I be sending it out? Just as soon as I can figure out how to complete ‘Survey Monkey’…..this just may be the greatest accomplishment of this year, but alas, I hope it isn’t!  I’ve got other incredible ideas I want to share with you!

Until then, my dear friends, A BIG HUG OF GRATITUDE AND LOVE goes out to all of you who have supported The Center for 3 incredibly beautiful years!



Speaking From The Center #3 – Warrior Heart

So many clients and dear friends have come to The Center lately upset and in tears.  But this happens, I have many hugs to spread around.  However, lately far too many have been angry – lots of determined, broken hearted anger.  At first I would share or just listen to the helplessness they felt with all the senseless violence, mass shootings, road rage, and finally, politics, government and the devastating polarization our planet is experiencing right now.  But now I was sensing a strange pattern forming and knew I had to write about it this month.

It was while someone I cared for broke down while talking about the injustices she was witnessing.  What pulled me up short as I listened to her was the venom – that deadly kind of anger/venom that seems to have paralyzed our normal lives  – mixed in with her tears.  She was one tear away from closing down completely, with no desire to return.  There it was.  That’s what was scaring me: our world is dangerously close to shutting down all the pathways to the heart space…and that’s where most of us live…where most of us move closer to Spirit and each other!

“Don’t do it,” I said “Don’t let them shut your heart down”

I feel I need to shout these words as loud as I can everywhere I can…we all do.  Venom has become as common in our daily lives as water, drowning so much of our energy, time wasted just fighting with the drama.

So this month I feel the need to offer another possibility.  Not just the idea of keeping our Heart Chakra open in such a volatile time, but using a whole other dimension of it as well.  And it’s not about telling you to just love everyone and everything, because love is all we need.  Because it isn’t.  

I think it’s about re-acquainting ourselves with our ancient warrior tool…The Tool…to power thru this with results; it’s that dimension of the Heart Chakra most of us seldom use.  For me, it resides in the power of the heart wisdom in its full force – dressed up in bold rose-green-tourmaline action gear.  My Guidess, Charly, calls it the ability… not just to love…but to Love with Purpose.

Explanation?  It’s all energy (sound familiar?)…us and all our emotions, anger, love, betrayal, and everything in between…it’s all energy and that’s what we’re dealing with on a grand scale, and that’s also the beauty of our tool. The energy of anger most often is directed towards someone, or something in particular, making it personal, turning it into an ‘us or them’ situation- enter the demon of drama.  But what if we looked at it on a larger scale, yeah, what if we took it up a notch!

What if we faced the energy of anger, hatred, fear instead, removing it from ‘us or them’.   We could then use our Heart Chakra warrior energy as the powerful, magical, life giving tool it is; wielding it with intention, with the fire force it has, giving us the ability to put…Love with purpose… in action.

Picture it as a powerful tsunami roaring into the darkness, transforming everything in its wake to the energy of a new born earth.  Or as a flaming, white magic sword directed into the heart of the anger energy, burning away hatred until the Phoenix rises as pure love.

Picture it anyway you want, but however you picture it, just don’t throw it away, don’t give it up.  Don’t drop your most powerful weapon; learn to…Love with purpose… instead! Besides, this tool is not only effective in releasing us from the undertow of an ugly current, but it’s also great, great fun!  And working with energy just may be the most fundamental way for us to achieve the balance we so desperately need right now.

I know many of you have unique and effective ideas as well, so I’d like to hear from you, I’d like to know how you’re getting thru the turmoil.  So send me an e-mail, I think we can all benefit from each other’s ideas!!

Blessings, Kathleen




Two weekends ago, I attended a workshop given by The Center for The New Human, held in Bellingham. It was actually about past lives and a journey to discover one that had relevancy for today.  So, imagine my surprise when, instead of a past life, I was sent into a vortex, an anointing, then onto a download of information.  It was extraordinarily visual…reds, blues, swirls; like going thru a series of wormholes, a kaleidoscopic light show, culminating in the download of wisdom given by my guide.  Afterwards, she gave me a a potent, and powerful message.  Simply put, it was:
Every human being who ever has been or will be goes thru this same initiation.  We are all given the wisdom of the Universe.

It wasn’t until a day or so later that I began to put the puzzle pieces together… why did it seem so powerful and yet redundant as well?  why did I receive this message?  What relevancy does it have to me now? Suddenly, the words “I See You” came loud and clear and the relevancy clicked. 

So much is happening in our world right now that is hurtful, stressful; hateful even.  It feels as though a constant buzz of danger wants to penetrate the energy all around us, bringing an ugly cloak of darkness to descend upon our world.
The relevancy?  If seeing is believing, then what is it we’re being asked to see?  If I am willing to see what’s real inside you Mr. Trump, Ms Clinton, Omar Mateen…and the hundreds of others who seemed to have lost their way, their light and their path….can my belief help to bring back the light?  As I contemplated this, I realized yet another level of the truth behind seeing the sacred in all of us.  If we could train ourselves to fuse intention into our glance, to truly see the truth of each other, it would be a powerful, lightning-bolt stroke of healing.  The visual that came with that was one of pulling someone through a series of vortexes, wild with the colors of indigo, umber, purples, love and joy, until they were safely out from under the dark spell they had been imprisoned in. 

But alas, I had to smile, because the white witch within me just opened her eyes and winked! That usually meant I had forgotten the next level:  I also had to be willing to see myself through those same knowing eyes!  Not always easy to do.

So, one of the columns below I’d like to save for your use….if you have any questions I may be able to answer, or if you have any comments to add to the above, please feel free to participate!  Until then,
Blessings, Kathleen




Welcome to our first monthly newsletter,


In each one, I’ll be passing on news about The Center, featuring a Stone or Crystal of The Month; Gina will pass on a monthly Tarot Card to ponder, and other subjects will change each month.
For this first one, I wanted to talk about Spring Cleaning – for our Spiritual and Emotional lives. The Summer Solstice will be here in a couple of weeks and we all want to be light, happy and free as a dragonfly sailing over the Solstice fires.  No dragging around garbage behind us!

This all came about a couple of weeks ago when I was busy clearing the cobwebs off 3 walls in my kitchen, cleaning and tossing away old bottles sitting on shelves; it was your typical spring cleaning frenzy.  Stacked up against the refrigerator, I spotted almost 10 years of recipes  – recipes I had yet to try.  I started thinking about what people say:  just go thru the stack and toss out the ones you don’t use any more.  No way! I knew I couldn’t do it, so I picked up the whole bloody stack, closed my eyes and tossed it all into the garbage.  it was the only way it was going to get cleared out.

It got me thinking about how much need there was for a “spring cleaning” on the inside.  What about all the resentments I’ve been carrying around so long I’d forgotten the issue?  Could I just close my eyes and toss them all into the garbage too?  It seemed a bit overwhelming and quite unlikely that I’d just clear out my negative thoughts that easily.  But what if I just took the last year, spring to spring…that seemed do-able.  What came to me was a ritual I could begin right then and continue on year after year:  an Intentional Spiritual and Emotional Spring Cleaning.  I’d like to pass it on to you…add your own ideas and thoughts – its your intention that will make it work – and let me know how it goes.

Take an afternoon and go to your favorite place of contemplation; the woods, the beach or by the fire if it’s a chilly spring day.  You can use a journal or simply meditate..or both!…on the past year.  Pay attention to the negative memories you’d like to let go of. Writing them down in your journal is a extremely magical way to dump the negative thoughts from the mind!  But I like to use a red rose to sweep out the dark places in my mind, or the scent of lemon…lemon brings both the symbology of bitterness and cleanliness to our psyche and it works beautifully as an emotional spring cleanser.  Use whatever works for you in this exercise.  But I am going to suggest something that may seem a bit selfish….start with you first!

What do you need to forgive yourself for?  What failure are you stuffing back?  What should you have done…or shouldn’t have done that you’re still beating yourself up about?   Take a huge bouquet of red roses and sweep all that away…squeeze the lemon all over your hands and wash away the tart words you say to yourself first.   Breathe in forgiveness and let self love replace it all.  Then move on to whomever or whatever else is left, you’ll find it much easier to whisk away whatever dirt is left!  Pour out blessings to yourself and to everyone you know, feel it and repeat it as necessary.   When you’re done, you’ll be ready to jump the Summer Solstice Fire!  May the Kitchen Goddess be with you!

I hope you enjoy our first News letter!  Blessings, Kathleen