First Sunday – Guided Meditation with the Crystal Singing Bowls



BowlsOur Mission:

To keep ourselves fully charged in all things Spiritual, Metaphysical and Empowering through question/answer dialogue and/or experience.  We will use our creativity, curiosity and passionate desire to share what we know, learn what others have to teach and continue to grow as a community to accomplish this.


Each 1st Sunday of the month, we will meet @ The Center and offer an hour of Guided Meditation from 11:30 to 12:30, with the Sacred Sound of Crystal or Tibetan Singing Bowls and/or Intentional Drumming.  Afterwards, anyone who wishes to share their experience, or has a question they would like answsered, we will have time to do so.  Anyone who would love to lead a Guided Meditation, please contact us!  RSVP Please, by donation only



2 thoughts on “First Sunday – Guided Meditation with the Crystal Singing Bowls

    • Hi Sandra,
      The first Sunday of each month from 11-12:30 will be our Meditation and Sacred Sound time. August 7th will be the first one; a guided meditation with crystal Singing Bowls. If you want to come, please write down a ‘question’ you have, or anything you want to explore; or even something you may wish to have healing with. We’ll just let the Singing Bowls guide us thru and then do some journaling and sharing afterwards. Its an RSVP, so make sure you let me know if you want to come, gratitude donations are greatly accepted! You can also reach me @ Blessings, Kathleen


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