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September we are dedicating to Free Lectures/Talks  MUST RSVP PLEASE!

September 9th, @ 1:00
Qigong with Lea Shato

Ever wonder about Qigong or Tai Chi beyond the Bruce Lee movies? Would it help you?  Qigong is a practice that increases the Life Force, or the energetic substance, in our bodies.  It is a series of slow, deliberate, non strenuous moves and postures that cultivate our life energy, flexibility, circulation and balance without heavy cardio and sweating.  Some call it Meditation in Movement.  Come join us to find out more about this practice and learn an easy move that will
improve focus and concentration.

September 16th, @ 1:00
Reiki with Joshua and Hope

Joshua and Hope will speak about the practice and the Universal Energy of Reiki, and what the benefits of Reiki can do for you.  They will also speak about their personal practice, their persona and their techniques.

September 23rd, @ 3:00
Soul Realignment/Akashik Records readings
with Kathleen Sweeney

Every one of us were born with a Soul Blueprint unique to us which unfolds our specific gifts, abilities and  wisdom.  Within that Blueprint we find our abundance, joy and our Personal Medicine.  If we acted in total alignment with our Blueprint, we would have the tools and abilities to live in Power.  Soul Realignment is dedicated to bring us into alignment with our Blueprint..  Join us for this lecture and find out more about what might just be a life-changer for you and your loved ones.

September 30th, 3:00
Astrology with Annie Alexander, PH.D.

Annie calls her practice Astrotherapeutics.  She combines her years of Psychology and Mental Health work with her astrology readings, and the result is truly amazing!  She will talk about the benefits of these readings and answer any question you have about the subject.

Hope you will join us for one or all of these talks!  It should be a lot of fun.  A reminder:   RSVP please!




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