Akashik Records & Soul Realignment Readings


The Akashik Records (referred to in the Bible as The Book of Life) are an energetic “data base” which stores all data about our soul, from its origination, through all our many lives; as well as all the adverse choices we made each lifetime that still impinge on our present lives.

Remember…energy cannot die; but tends to follow us from life time to life time.

  Our  adverse choices create negative energy

patterns that can dictate current events…

Each instance of adverse choice severs our connection to and memory of our unique soul and innate power.  The intent of Soul Realignment is to assist the client to shift the effects of any adverse choice, realign with their own Soul Nature,  and create instead a life of fulfillment, success & joy.

We are very powerful beings.   When we step into alignment with our Divine Nature, we step  into full empowerment; we begin living our Divinity.

With each reading, it is my intention to give you practical information that is both helpful and grounded!  I want you to have a greater insight as to who you are, your unique purpose,and also to regain the lost lessons each lifetime has to give—an immensely valuable piece of insight!

I will always be available to you should you need more clarity.

Primary Reading                       85.00

Present Life Situations            65.00

Spirit Guide Readings              65.00

Chakra Analysis                       65.00

Relationship Readings         120.00