Full Moon June, 2019 – Strawberry or Rose Moon

Here is our June Full Moon Scoop from Chuck Nafziger:

“Luna, with her feminine aspect, is fullest at 1:31 am on the 17th, which is really the night of the 16th, Father’s Day.  This is the Strawberry or Rose Moon. This Full Moon will be very low in the sky, just 19 degrees above the horizon at its highest, barely clearing the trees to the south.
Native roses are in bloom here.  I spotted a bird’s nest with begging nestlings in a rose-blue-moon-wolf-fullblackberry thicket.  The aromatic roses will be in bloom from hatching to fledging.  I imagine that to be a magical childhood for any creature.  The owls who visited last Full Moon have moved on now that their owlets are flying.  The otter has come and gone, eating all of the large goldfish resulting in much clearer pond water.
There is interesting planet viewing this month, but since the Sun is high, all the planets are low.  Around here, that means peek a boo between tree tops, and not too clear viewing, especially with the added light of the Moon.  Those undeterred by those challenges will be rewarded by clear skies and Jupiter at opposition, a good time for viewing that planet.  Venus is the morning star in Taurus.  Mars and Mercury are evening stars in Gemini.  They will look very close to each other on the 16th through the 18th, so if you find Mars, you may spot dim Mercury close by; binoculars help in first spotting Mercury.  And the big line up can be seen toward the south at around 1am (midnight real time).  Antares, the bright heart of Scorpius is to the right, Jupiter is in the middle in Ophiuchus, and Saturn is more to the left in Sagittarius.  The Moon passes through on successive nights, making a triangle with Antares and Jupiter on the 15th and being between them when Full.
The Solstice, the official start of summer, is at 8:54 am on Friday, June 21.  Life is bursting out around here and I cherish it. “
Thanks so much, Chuck!  if possible, have roses around you all through the Solstice! Blessings, all