Love Your Back & It’ll Love You Back!

Gentle Back Care Yoga with Jessie Friday mornings 10:30 am – noon Pre-Registration is required: click here to register $15.00 / class Love your back & it’ll love you back!  Start the weekend off with balance in your body and peace in your … Continue reading

Reflections on the first Practitioner’s Life Monthly Circle

We’ve just emerged from the first Practitioner’s Life Monthly Circle this evening, where we explored the question: What is the importance of self-nurturing / healing? So many levels of wisdom unfolded amidst our journaling / meditation on the topic, as we shared our … Continue reading

Stroke of Insight

This Ted talk by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, a neuroscientist who speaks eloquently of her experience having and recovering from a stroke, is always so compelling, inspiring and empowering.  What a beautiful reminder of our interconnectedness with all of the … Continue reading

Yoga: the Path of Holistic Wellness

What is Yoga? Contrary to what many folks believe, yoga is not about turning yourself into a pretzel (although that can be fun, eventually), or sweating buckets in a 100 degree room (although some modern yoga styles do use a … Continue reading