Speaking From The Center, Newsletter

metaphysical-4It’s no wonder that I’m writing this newsletter on the Autumn Equinox, that time of year that indicates a perfect balance just before a great change.  The nights will now become dominant, allowing Ms. Moon to take her place of illumination; soon fires will be lit all over the land and dreamers will snuggle against each other to keep warm.  And I will be reflecting on the past three years of blessings as The Center moves into it’s up coming 4th year of service.  Wow, 4 years; The Center isn’t even a teenager yet, and still I feel like one – all giddy with all the “possibles” there are for all of us!

Using symbology, 4’s are always about reflection, creating sacred space and utilizing the quiet to regain or re-purpose one’s strength.  I feel that is certainly what’s in store for The Center this year.  Using numerology, this upcoming year will be a one; that of beginnings; new starts, ideas.  It’s a year to plant and sow the seeds that will have an effect on the next 8 years.  The Center’s and my personal year is a two; key word patience, just probably my greatest challenge.  But patient I will be this coming year and trusting in the process to unfold in divine right order.

But unfolding in divine right order seems to be a perfect message for me because I had already decided, sometime ago, to invite, ask, seek your input on direction this year!  You are the whole reason The Center is here! To be of service to you and to our beloved planet; to assist in awakening our Divine Authentic Souls, our joy, passion, and the sacred path we all intended to follow.  As everyone of us expresses our own unique Divinity and joy, we automatically affect each other to do the same, bringing forth the highest good of all.  But I need your help to assist with this process.

Soon I will be sending out a survey to find out what workshops you want, what subjects most interest you, how do you feel you can gain the assistance you most need and want.  You cannot imagine the joy you will give me by answering and returning this upcoming survey.  When will I be sending it out? Just as soon as I can figure out how to complete ‘Survey Monkey’…..this just may be the greatest accomplishment of this year, but alas, I hope it isn’t!  I’ve got other incredible ideas I want to share with you!

Until then, my dear friends, A BIG HUG OF GRATITUDE AND LOVE goes out to all of you who have supported The Center for 3 incredibly beautiful years!



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