I love this … “Awareness into Alignment” … just love it!

Am reading a new post from a trusted source that I follow … and I’m soooo totally in love with how our world is unfolding, refolding, kinda like origami … we’re all in the midst of change, more so than ever experienced before … and yes there are many aspects of it … but but but … focusing on the positives that are revealed in each moment is what reminds us to keep going … it does get better … just keep asking “how does it get any better than this?” … it ALWAYS does!

Here’s a little snippit of the September 3rd message titled “Awareness into Alignment”

“A powerful energetic wave arrived early last evening. This new light produces the heart of Source sensation.  In this vast stillness, support for multidimensional alignment – beyond multidimensional awareness – is provided for this revelation gateway. Pure light frequencies attune our perception once again, and attempt to upgrade the physical vessel to accommodate alignment up to 12D.

What makes this light this wave unique?”


Piqued your interest?  Congratulations!!!!  Welcome to the new world!  We have been preparing for this over many lifetimes, especially in this one!  We are increasingly raising our vibration … usually gravitating towards those things or people that make us feel light.  Watch for the typical side effects of this!  Catching yourself smiling … and **making shocked face, mouth covering O shaped mouth** … **wink** … maybe even giggling!  You might catch yourself humming … or even dancing along … feel how light that is?  This is why I love what I do for “work” … So incredibly rewarding to see your transformations!  I feel so blessed to be able to assist in your journey …

I will be back at The Center for Holistic Wellness this Saturday, September 6th!  Step into comfort, relax in the chair and let yourself drift off to a beloved place … “Calgon take me away!” … takes on a whole new meaning!  😉

What I “do” … is assist in your releasing of things that are on loop feed in your mind.  All those things that keep replaying the old stories based on habits, beliefs, emotions that tell you “you should”, “you need”, “you can’t …”, “you’ll never …”  YES!  All of that ick … allow me to assist you in erasing those from your mind, body, and energy fields.  Re-experiencing that is no longer necessary.  We can love all those experiences right out of existence.

If I were to describe what “I do” in computer lingo … you know how you’re always creating documents, downloading software and files, deleting files … filling up the hard drive.  When you delete documents, pictures, and even uninstall software … they all end up in your recycle bin … still clogging up the hard drive, making it run slow and sluggish.  In a session, I empty the recycle bin for you … and defragging the hard drive, allowing optimal space and functionality of your computer.  (Defrag in computer lingo means to “fix, clean, & speed up your hard drive and computer’s overall performance by optimizing file system”.)

Why in the world would you wanna do that???  You might think me crazy for implying that you’d want to let go of your stories … I’m talking about the stories that are unpleasant experiences the ego creates AND reminds us of, in order to stay stuck in things like fear, pain, and unworthiness to name a few.

Releasing the stories that we held onto so dearly … will take us out of the 3D reality and allow us to effortlessly float into the higher vibrations.  It’s all good good!  If you’re reading this … You already know you are a higher vibrational being and well on your way!  Kudos!  We are so proud of your courage!  It will not always feel like you’re courageous, but trust in your self … you ARE!

Read the newsletter … take it slow … read a paragraph, let it sit, come back to it after a while … sometimes it takes me several days to completely read one of these messages.  I know that my body needs to integrate these words in small bites, as the information is downloaded into my energy fields.  You’re in good company!  You are sooo infinitely blessed!  “KNOW” this to be truth.

When you’re ready, you’ll find me at The Center for Holistic Wellness … first Saturday of the month.  Taking appointments now for this Saturday the 6th!

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