True Healing Comes from the Heart on the Path to Joy and Self Discovery!


With all the upheavals and craziness in our world today, why would anyone start a new business?

You can’t imagine how many times I asked myself that question, over and over, when I got the strongest urge to open The Center of Holistic Wellness!  Although I had been feeling a major change and shift coming for months, I was sure it was simple logic that told me to stay put in my safe little space and easy rent … but of course it was truly simple fear.  It wasn’t until I realized that the greater fear was in NOT OPENING it, not choosing to free my heart and soul and run head first in the direction I was being pulled.  The dream of the Center has been with me for many years – bringing together a community of practitioners under one roof, having a space for classes and workshops, shelves filled with booksKathleen_Square that could shift your perspective and open the heart with just one glance on a page; gifts, local art and jewelry embellished with so much spirit that purchasing them felt like bringing home a friend.  So now, the dream of The Center is here…we may not have everything you want, but if you tell us, we’ll sure try!

~Kathleen Sweeney, Owner & Facilitator at the Center


At the Center of Holistic Wellness, we believe that all of humanity was originally blessed with a natural desire towards harmony, an instinctive sense of service to the whole, and a deep connection to ourselves, our bodies, Earth and all life around us.  It is when our connection is severed and our natural instincts thwarted (sometimes through societal pressures, contrary beliefs, fear or anger) that we go out of balance and become ill–physically, emotionally & spiritually.

With that in mind, our Mission is:

  • To use our skills & resources to help alleviate the physical & emotional imbalance
  • To help re-integrate one’s deepest connection to self and the whole
  • To help re-integrate the inner wisdom one holds which enables them to become both healer and mentor of their own journey home
  • To bring about the goal of sustainable health – physically, emotionally & spiritually

Understanding that illness is quite often a last ditch attempt at communication from our bodies, we will always honor illness as a journey that must be traveled by everyone in an individual and unique way.   To bring this about it is our intention to aspire to the highest meaning of Holistic Healing, which is to emphasize the importance of the whole and the interdependence of all its parts.

Offerings at the Center

Please click here for a listing of our Services, Treatments, Classes, Practitioners, and Workshops.

Location / Contact / Connect

The Center of Holistic Wellness
609 Murdock Street
Sedro Woolley, WA 98284    The Center Store is open Tuesday thru Saturday 10:00 to 5:00        Various Practitioners and some Classes (like Qigong) and Singing Bowl Meditations occur on Mondays or First Sunday – The Practitioner or Instructor will be there to greet you and bring you  in; when the event begins, the downstairs door will be locked.  Therefore,    Please RSVP!

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Contact Kathleen Sweeney with inquiries 360-420-2630
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Center of Wellness Blog!

Our Vision for The Center of Holistic Wellness Blog

Our connection to each other, whether it be friendship, family, or clients, is probably the most important gift we have to give each other. It’s not always easy to keep these connections intact, especially in our fast paced, technological world where we seem to have a greater relationship with facebook or twitter rather than each other.   We hope, therefore, that with your willingness to post and reply to what is in your heart, your vision, and your personal opinions, our Wellness Blog will help create a greater connection between us and all our friends.

Let your Light shine with every word you choose!


Blessings to you all, Kathleen


If you think you’d like to bring your skills to our community, please call Kathleen 360-420-2630


3 thoughts on “

  1. So glad to know you are in S-W. Do you have an email contact list, since I tend to forget to check your website for the latest class updates? I am so sorry that I missed your Qi Gong intro in Feb. I’d be very interested in more classes and offerings around Qi Gong. Best! Sarah


    • Sarah, I was looking thru my website for something and came across your message which was sent a year ago. But what is really weird is that we are starting a QiGong workshop next Monday, the 13th and will be doing it 3 x a week from here on out. (you don’t have to go to all), Monday, Wed and Saturdays. And I thought..Wow…maybe I should contact her about this. So here I am. What do you think?


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